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“I was very impressed with the work of STATO, in particular with the consultant who supported me. Then the rest of the team helped me to prepare to return to the market and also to explore other opportunities which I had never thought of until then - such as opening my own business, consulting, and so on. Being supported by a very senior and knowledgeable consultant with a deep understanding of the market was very important, especially in a year when Brazil was in crisis, which made my project even more challenging.”

Marcelo Epstejn - CEO

“After working more than eight years abroad, STATO’s support was key to reestablishing my network. STATO’s excellent and continuing relationship with the market was also critical to the success of my project, as they always gave top priority to recommending me to the main Executive Search consultancies.”

Francisco Coccaro - CEO

“STATO was decisive in my successful career transition. After five years working abroad, returning to Brazil demanded a lot from me in adapting to the market. The process started with reactivating my network of contacts and expanding it in a structured way. It was also essential to recognize and map the local market conditions with the support of consultants and exchange experiences with other executives. Then, with the help of the workshops and lectures offered in the program, I could focus on my strategy to return to the corporate world.”

Luiz Fernando Guglielmi - IT Director

“I was delighted to have the chance to meet and get to know STATO and their team, because they go beyond just a consultancy. When we most need their support, we get it, thoughtfully and with care. The advice they give us and the tests we do are all really useful, helping us not only professionally but also in our personal lives. After the end of our programme they continue to support us, which makes all the difference. I recommend STATO to all those who are in this difficult situation.”

Rosely Soler - Bilingual Executive Secretary

“STATO is playing a very important role in my job-hunting process. Besides their valuable support in reviewing and updating my resume, expert speakers and headhunters give talks on their vision of the market and help us reduce our anxiety during a difficult time.”

Joelma Martucci - Senior Finance Executive

“I think the service provided by STATO is excellent, not only for their proficiency in outplacement but for their support in developing strategies and their very skillful coaching. Without any reservations, I am happy to say that a large part of the success of my professional transition project relied on the experience of the team that supported me. It is a marriage of competence and experience!”

Rodrigo Pagani - Executive Legal Support

“More than just a consultant, STATO is a partner I can trust for its market-leading expertise and high-quality support in many different areas. As both a corporate and individual client, my requests and expectations are always met by their highly qualified team and I believe that STATO fully recognizes my value in our partnership. Long may we continue together on this successful journey!”

Patricia Nicieza - HR Director

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São Paulo

Av. Eng. Luís Carlos Berrini,
1645, 11º andar, Brooklin
04571-011, São Paulo, SP, Brasil
+55 11 3844-6060


Edificio Escritorio Design
Av. Orosimbo Maia, 360
Salas 203, 204 e 205
13010-211, Campinas, SP, Brasil
+55 19 3278-0518
+55 19 3365-0527

Rio de Janeiro

Praia do Flamengo, 66,
Sala 1719 - Bloco B
22210-030, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
+55 21 2285-2319
+55 21 2225 4478

Belo Horizonte

Renaissance Work Center
Rua Paraíba, 550 - 9° andar -
Funcionários, 30130-140,
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
+55 31 3308-9422


Rua Comendador Araújo,
499 10 ° Andar
80420-000, Curitiba, PR, Brasil
+55 41 2106-6925


Rua Dr. João Colin, 1285
Sala 03, América
89204-001, Joinville, SC, Brasil
+55 47 3461-3143