Relationships between companies and professionals are not eternal. Organizations and people have their own cycles of evolution. When these cycles are in the same beat, the relationship between companies and people is highly effective, but when it isn’t, it needs to be revisited by both sides, leading to movements on both parts. Such movements can culminate in the termination of employees, giving rise to outplacement processes. When companies contract outplacement services for their executives, they add value to their name, serve as peace of mind for the company, contribute to retain talents and benefit professionals who are dismissed.

Professional outplacement services are essential in merger, acquisition and restructuring processes. In such situations, we manage the entire organizational change process, from initial design to the conduction of all individual and collective processes.

STATO is a founding partner of the Career Star Group, one of the top three companies in this segment worldwide, offering executives of client companies the best outplacement programs in all sorts of countries and regions. Our outplacement executives possess an in-depth knowledge of the market and a solid network of global contacts.

Our Methodology

STATO combines the global experience of the biggest outplacement companies in the world that joined forces to create the Career Star Group, exchanging information and connections to offer the best practices in outplacement to its clients.

The methodology is structured based on global practices and solid outplacement experience, promoting the development of connections and relationships, applying consistent tools and methods that allow for a structured reflection, analysis, planning and coaching of careers, with a focus on the expectations of each professional.

Cutting edge technology is available to support each process – from planning to the transition process per se –, with individual orientation from career consultants.